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    "The Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit combines a host of natural oil formulas to help you look after yourself during pregnancy and after labour. The essential oil blends have been specially developed by caring midwives at the Natural Birthing Company. 100% Vegan. The Set Contains: Bosom Buddies Oil (3 x 10ml) Ooh! for Engorged Breasts: Specially created to help relieve the discomfort of tender, swollen breasts. The oil blend combines Geranium with Peppermint, Cyprus and German Chamomile to help you feel more comfortable. Add a few drops to water and use a flannel for a relieving compress. Aah! for Low Milk Supply: Breastfeeding is a supply and demand process the more you do it, the more milk you produce. Combining Fennel, Lemongrass and Mandarin, this special blend can be used in conjunction with offering your baby the breast more frequently to help enhance your milk supply. Ouch! for Sore Nipples: Blend of Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin, Frankincense and Peppermint that works to relieve and moisturise sore, irritated nipples. Combined with correct positioning, it helps to promote a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience. Pure Bliss Soothing Post-Natal Compress Solution (50ml) A postnatal compress solution that works to calm and relieve feelings of discomfort in your intimate area after child birth. The award-winning blend of Hypericum and Calendula can be used straight after labour, and is suitable for use on stitches, tears, haemorrhoids and general intimate discomfort, including caesarean sections wounds. The calming formula promotes natural healing and helps to comfort your delicate area after birth. Down Below Perineal Massage Oil (50ml): A safe and 100% natural oil formula that can be used during perineal massage to help increase elasticity 'down below'. Perineal massage is recommended from 34 weeks of pregnancy to help prepare for labour the massaging action helps to gently stretch skin and increase elasticity of perineal muscles to reduce the risk of tearing or episiotomy (needing a cut) during labour. Blending Rosehip, Apricot, Calendula and Evening Primrose Oils, the relaxing formula helps to prepare your intimate area for child birth, and also doubles as a body massage oil it moisturises skin and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Cool It Mama Body and Facial Spritz (100ml) An uplifting aromatherapy spray that helps to combat feelings of tiredness, nausea and hot flushes during pregnancy. Promoting a happy, stress-free pregnancy, the light formula combines pure essential oils of Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Grapefruit with a touch of Menthol to instantly cool and refresh your face and body. Whether you're having hot flushes or suffering from heavy legs and swollen ankles, the versatile mist works to revive the body and mind, revitalising your spirits to leave you feeling calm, cool and happy. Perfect for popping in your handbag, it's the safe and practical solution to some of pregnancy's wonderful side effects. Can even be used during labour to help keep you cool and inspire feelings of calm. 2 x Flannels"

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