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    "The Collagenesis Gift Pack from Australian beauty brand freezeframe combines a trio of advanced treatments that work in synergy to counteract the natural loss of collagen as we age – the number one cause of wrinkles and signs of premature ageing. Working at a surface level and from within, the products leave skin looking smoother and revitalised with a youthful looking radiance. The Set Contains: Collagenesis Inside Out Blend (90g) The Inside Out Blend is a multi-tasking supplement to help you achieve healthy looking skin from within. The simple powder formula contains a blend of bioavailable Pure Marine Collagen Peptide and superfood Pomegranate extract, which work in tandem to fight the glycation process, combat collagen loss and neutralise free radical damage. The powerful treatment works to leave skin feeling firmer and smoother, with enhanced moisture levels and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Collagenesis 02 Mask (4 x 8ml) The Collagenesis O2 Mask helps fight the battle against collagen loss. The powerful, dual-action face mask combines an oxygen-charged serum with a sheet mask saturated in Marine Collagen to create a unique reaction when applied onto skin together. Oxygenated bubbles form, working to unclog pores and neutralise toxins while effectively pushing collagen peptides deeper into the skin to enhance efficacy. The 15-minute treatment leaves the complexion feeling plump and supple with enhanced contours and a redefined structure. Collagenesis Day & Night Lotion (30ml) Delivering benefits over 24 hours, the powerful lotion contains an exclusive combination of ingredients to replicate ‘AGE (Advanced Glycation End) breaker’ compounds that disrupt the cross-linking cycle of glycation. Low-weight molecular level Marine Collagen Peptide delivers a plumping and tightening effect, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

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