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    "Clear up your skin with AcnEase Body Acne Treatment - 8 Bottles (Bundle). This natural treatment is the perfect remedy for those who suffer with chronic or severe body acne. Safe and free from side effects, the capsules are specially formulated with all-botanical ingredients to help both male and female adults and teens. The six week treatment restores the internal balance that can be disrupted by endocrine changes, the environment, stress, medication and diet, addressing the underlying causes of skin conditions. Benefits: Cysts and pustules will heal Acne scars and marks will fade Blackheads and whiteheads will diminish Rosacea will ease Scars will heal Heart burn will be controlled Dry or oily hair will be regulated Smokers will see an improvement to their skin Skin will look clearer and healthier Key Ingredients: Gardenia Fruit: Reduces internal heat by cooling the blood and removing toxins. Houttuynia: Promotes the drainage of pus. Scierotium: Improves metabolism and assists digestion. Dandelion: Reduces swelling and sores, decreasing the sizes of abscesses and dispelling the local inflammatory response. Balsam Pear and Mustard Leaf: Alleviate heat and improve intestinal function, as well as decreasing phlegm and reducing pain. Directions of Use: If you're below 180lbs, take 4 tablets with water, three times per day. If you're above 180lbs, take 6 tablets, three times per day."

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